Mind Released


Love is the one thing that is worth...everything.

This site is dedicated to you as a resource to help you release the mind from its ever-increasing clutter as you learn coping skills of working through life's challenges. This involves bringing aspects of ourselves into the freshness of the present, without the need to cloud or pollute it with what is no more.

What is required is having a Loving Attitude towards ourselves, our frailties, inadequacies, and whatever views we may have of ourselves, which inevitably get reflected onto the world around us, including our relationships.

I have made it my mission to understand the principles that make us behave the way we do. I traveled the globe, studying from numerous teachers and guides learning ways of not only helping myself to face life's challenges but to share whatever I have been shown with those around me.

This site is about offering you the tools and resources with which you too can learn how to gently unweave your way through the clutter, by applying simple techniques of liberating yourself from suffering, as you experience true freedom from it.