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    Du fragst im tibetischen Bereich, daher gerne löschen/verschieben, aber viele Antworten sind ja nicht gekommen. Mendelson (1975) schreibt in Sangha and State in Burma über die Kaba Aye World Peace Pagoda in Yangon:


    The Kaba Aye Pagoda was undoubtedly related to a "vibrational" ideology according to which numbers, letters, cardinal directions, and such are placed in relation, by magic ritual, with the attainment of certain worldly aims ... Much nativistic, "right-wing" nationalism was connected, for example, with "vibrational" forces designed to make the British leave Burma. In the case of the Kaba Aye, the stated aim was world peace but there was clearly an element of "Peace for Burma" in the wished-for result. (S. 273)